Monday, March 10, 2008

Jump Zone

For midweek we had a fun time playing with our friends at the Jump Zone. Ellie played on all the blow up structures while Maddie stayed in her car seat the whole time! It was a ton of fun. Enjoy.

Liz climbing with Ellie up to a slide

Ellie and Alexis on a dinosaur seesaw.

Ellie enjoying the "toddler" area

Natalie and Ellie driving!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Welcome Madeline!!

The Egnews enjoyed a new addition to their family on October 31, 2007. Madeline was born on Halloween!! That should be fun for her...imagine all the costume themed parties!!

She was born around 5pm halloween night at a whopping 8 lbs 5 ounces and 20" long! She came out with a ton of black hair and still has it. She is adorable!! She looks to favor Calvins side of the family in her coloring and features. Although, lately she is starting to look like a dark haired Ellie. Either way she is an adorable little baby girl! Here are some pictures for you to enjoy.

Ellie with Madeline

Baby Madeline

Proud Mama with her new Baby

Baby Madeline

Sisterly Kisses

Daddy's Girl

Tiny Toes
Smiley Girl

Sleepy Baby

Jeremy visiting Maddie in the Hospital

Emily and Natalie visiting Maddie at home

Natalie can't help but kiss Maddie-she is just too cute!

Heather enjoying the baby, while looking forward to her own a few months later!

Brayden (Jeremy and I) enjoying holding and looking at Maddie

I think it is funny to note that while Liz and Calvin were at the hospital giving birth and enjoying the baby; Ellie was having fun sleeping over at our house and trick or treating! Here are some pictures of what Ellie was up to aroud the time of Madelines birth.

Taking a bath with Natalie and Brayden. Playing with a baby.

Brushing her teeth with Natalie
Getting ready to trick or treat with her friendsThis is the life!! Getting pushed in a stroller(sometimes all the way to the candy!!) and someone gives them candy for looking so cute!!

Eating the loot after!!

Fairie Princess hugs!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Egnew Family

Hello, I am Karilyn McRoberts. I am starting a blog for my friend Elizabeth Egnew because she is always asking me to send pictures to her mom, but never gives me an email! Well, that and because I am the one who takes pictures of her family(they do not have a digital camera). Hopefully word will get out to her family and friends and they can enjoy seeing pictures of Ellie and Madeline.

We first met when my family moved to Kentucky in September of 2005. Liz, Calvin and Ellie lived in the Farm apartments and luckily were in our Ward. We became friends and I have been snapping pictures ever since. Here are some pictures from the past years.

Natalie, Austen, and Ellie Easter 2006

Egnew Family Liz and Ellie Easter 2006

Ellie and Natalie April 2006

At the pool May 2006- One thing that is great about an apartment!

Ellie sharing food with Natalie at the pool.

Ellie chillin in the shade.
Ellie, Natalie, and Austen at his birthday party in May

Ellie at the party May 2006

Liz and Ellie at a ward activity 2006Calvin helping out with the pinata
Halloween 2006 as Deal or No Deal Host, Case, and Model

Natalie(Pirate), Ellie(Case 4: .01), Austen(Wolf)

Ellie and Natalie Chillin in a Chair i and hugging in our New House.

Liz and Ellie in their new house.

Calvin, Liz and Ellie at the Cincinnati Zoo March 2007

Ellie Easter 2007